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Inside the Healing Sanctuary

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

~Anais Nin

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Intuitive Energy Healing

Distance or In-Person

Whether I am working with you remotely from around the world, or in person inside my healing sanctuary, your topic(s) for consideration will be fully discussed and a personalized intention will be established, setting the healing energies to your greatest needs and potential. 


I will intuitively connect with your soul's energy body and be guided by the Divine Spirit.  During the healing session, the web knots will be loosened, untied, and old dead matter removed, resulting in a shift within your state of consciousness,

bringing forward a greater alignment within yourself and with the Unified Consciousness. 

Once the healing is complete, time will be given to discuss and process all aspects to the healing, connecting the dots, filling the gaps to those unanswered questions, bringing some rest to the unrest, setting you on a new course to a better life.      

Discussions and processing will occur immediately during all in-person sessions. Remote clients will receive the healing information via email.  A time for discussions and further processing will be pre- scheduled with the healing. 

All Intuitive Energy Healings 

will include a free follow up a few weeks after the healing session.


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In-Person Only

Imagine yourself lying down inside a peaceful healing sanctuary, eyes closed, relaxed, ready to take a personal journey within......

When you arrive, we will sit down to discuss your topics for consideration, answer any questions, and establish a personal intention for your Soul Journey session. 

When ready, I will guide you into a deep meditative state of awareness, where your journey into the unknown, yet familiar to your soul, will soon begin. 

Connected to your soul energy, and with a listening ear to all that you are experiencing, I will guide and facilitate inside your own dream-like journey, offering assistance and safe passage throughout your travels, opening the channels for release and healing, setting you on a new course to a better life.

Once the Soul Journey is complete, we will discuss and process your travels inside the journey and all aspects to any healing that came.  The pieces to the journey will be connected, filling the gaps to those unanswered questions, bringing rest to the unrest.

All Soul Journey sessions will include a free follow up a few weeks after the healing session.


Image by Ray Hennessy

Spiritual Mentorship

Distance or In-Person

There is a lot to be said about the role of having a trusted mentor you can go to when life is confusing, turned upside down, or for when you just feel you need a little extra guidance and direction in your life.  

While the role of a Spiritual Mentor is not to counsel nor to diagnose, and is not therapy in the traditional sense, mentorship can bring the added information, insight and clarity to help you to better understand and navigate the situations, circumstances and challenges in your life, whether current and or from your past.  It provides a space to explore aspects of your own soul-spirit and its role and influence in your daily life.    


At Blue Essence Healing, I honor all forms of religious and spiritual beliefs and teachings, or even if you aren't sure of any of it.  My role as your Spiritual Mentor is to assist by working within your own internal process and beliefs.  I only ask that you come with an open mind as this work is geared to assist in the expansion of oneself and is not to remain locked in limitations. 

I will support you and guide your personal process with the information as it is presented through any intuitive insight and any other information from my toolbox that is supportive, and which may be helpful in your life journey. 


While no healing is absolute nor predictable, it is a process that your soul has already designed to assist you with your soul's evolution.  Through the progression of steps and stages, this healing work is a pathway to bring to you the answers, the rest, and the resolve you are seeking.  The time and attention to your healing path and journey is up to you.  Some find only a few sessions are all they need, some return after a time of pause, while others pick up the reins and follow a more continuous path that has much in store for the human presence and the soul it carries within.  How many sessions and for how long, the choice is yours always.

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