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All healing and mentorship services conducted with Blue Essence Healing will require a Free Consultation prior to scheduling an appointment for a paid service.  This ensures that what is being offered fits and resonates with you before moving forward with any paid services to be conducted.  All consultations and services will be scheduled through personal contact via this website, phone, text, email, Messenger, or in-person.  Blue Essence Healing currently does not use any online scheduler except in the case of any classes that may be offered.  


Life Happens:  To cancel or reschedule your appointment with Blue Essence Healing, we appreciate at least 24 hours advance notice. We understand that there are times when this may be impossible to provide. If this is the case, please contact us as soon as possible and we will be happy to reschedule your appointment.  Thank you. 


It is important to Blue Essence Healing that all clients understand that the outcome to any healing or mentorship service is not absolute nor predictable.  It's important to know that the nature of this work is a process that becomes a progression of steps and stages to discovery and healing within oneself.  Therefore, there is no guarantee as to what the specific results or outcome may be after any healing or mentorship service is provided.  Too, there are no set number of sessions known ahead of time that will bring about any desired result or outcome for a client.  


Due to the nature of the work conducted through Blue Essence Healing, and as outlined above, it is for these reasons that Blue Essence Healing does not provide refunds for services rendered. However, that said, if a particular situation arises for any client, we will be happy to discuss that which is pertinent on an individual basis and come to a mutual agreement of resolution, whether monetary or by some other acceptable means.    

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