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Your Healing Journey Begins Here

Blue Essence Healing Logo

We all have a beautiful light within us.  We just sometimes forget that it is there.

~ John Holland ~

Earth Grid of Light Healing Vision

My vision is to assist individuals from all around the world, bringing together a community of people who, through the Blue Essence Healing Light, will strengthen and expand their individual light by doing their own personal inner work. 


It is here where this community of light will be formed, surrounding the entire planet, assisting in the raising of its vibration and that of the collective consciousness.      

Blue Essence Healing Community

The Blue Essence Community has been in hiding throughout the ages of time. Our energetic presence pushed down by the ignorance of earlier times.  Hidden but not gone, it is time to rebuild from all that has been suppressed and forgotten, reclaiming our right to BE.


The vibrations in our current times are now supportive of this journey, and beckoning us forward to Rise to the occasion, not just as one individual soul, but as the community that stands strong in its mission to bring the Light back into full view here on this planet.

Hands On Healing Approach
My Approach

Here at Blue Essence Healing, I am here to assist as you embark upon your own personal journey, a journey inward to release the old, to shift the energies, to bring you back into alignment with your true and authentic self, raising your light as you go. 


As you journey along this path, I will walk with you every step of the way to ensure safe passage as you traverse the threads of your soul, releasing you from all that binds within, elevating you into the joy of discovering your own Truth and the Essence of who you truly are as Spirit.

Spiritual Mentorship
Your Healing Journey Begins Here

You've been searching for something,

maybe this something has been with you always. 

Or maybe it's something new.

I welcome those of you who feel the inner nudge, a calling to move beyond your present circumstances, 

to move away from those aspects that cause unrest, that linger within, that manifest in ways that cause disruptions, pain, anxiety.  Or maybe it's a place of feeling lost, a place where you are left with unanswered questions, or even confusion.  

You may have already tried multiple ways to ease these difficulties, to get answers, to find resolve, yet without success. 

Or, you may not even know what it is you are seeking, but you know there is something. 

Something to be found, something to be discovered, something to be embraced as your own.

How to Release Fear
Sacred Journey
How to get grounded
Spiritual Journey

It's time to come forward

It's time to begin the process of undoing the tight web knots your soul has woven together throughout the ages. 


It's time to release the chains.  Chains that hold you back.

Chains that prevent you from experiencing the freedom your soul aches to live. 


It's time to wash the threads that hold all the fears.  Fears you've been hiding behind for so long. 

It's time to live. It's time to leave behind the shadows.

It's time to step out of the falsehoods and regain your truth.  


It's safe now


I am your Guide.  I am your Mentor.  I will light the way.

I will walk with you, holding your hand, step by step along the path, that is your journey.

We'll do it together.  I am here to assist you.  It's time to step forward.  It's time to come HOME.

Intuitive Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Distance or In-Person

Whether I'm working with you remotely from around the world, or we are together in person, I will intuitively connect with your soul's energies to assist with the release from that which are bound together and keeps you from living a life more fulfilled.

Soul Regression Journey


In-Person Only

While in my healing sanctuary, I will guide you into a relaxed state where you will begin the journey inward, traversing through various states of awareness, gathering the needed information and healing as I facilitate this process with you.

Spiritual Mentorship

Spiritual Mentorship

Distance or In-Person

As a Spiritual Mentor, I am here to assist as you navigate through the various circumstances and experiences that are happening 

in your life, providing you with the intuitive insight into your life and the journey and path of your soul that is living here right now.

Blue Essence Healing Heart Logo

Blue Essence Community Experiences

Akashic Records

Jessica M.

Ellensburg, WA

I was recommended to Karin and once I met her, I knew it was exactly what I needed at this point in my life. I came to her with an ongoing lack of courage and confidence. I was at a point in my life where my ability to have a voice, an opinion was missing, and my well-being was being affected. My first visit was transformational. I felt a shift in my entire being.  My throat opened, my heart opened, and I was even standing taller and prouder.  It was as if what ever was blocking my ability to shine was moved out of my own way.  My journey from that point was nothing short of a miracle in all aspects of my life.  From my relationship with my family, friends, and co-workers to being able to proceed forward in a lifelong dream.  I feel like I am on the path I was meant to be on. With the help and guidance of Karin and her work I feel a sense of freedom and peace that I had not felt in a very long time. I am thankful for her knowledge, patience and guidance every day.

Jessica Miller

(Little Perennials)


Healing Testimonials

Holly O.

Vancouver, WA

I have been working with Karin for over six years. This has been an incredible transformative process where I have been able to really let go of some very heavy luggage that has weighed me down. There are not adequate words to describe how this has been beneficial to me in all aspects of my life mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Everyone's journey is different but, I highly encourage you to work with Karin to help you with yours. 

Holly O

















Alternative Healing Practioner
Blue Essence Healing Reviews

Brenda H.

Ellensburg, WA

By working weekly with Karin, I not only found what I was looking for, but I became a strong confident and independent woman who now wakes up every morning with a positive outlook for the day and the compass to guide me through my life in the process.  Karin listened to me and gave me the opportunity to share my life stories and comprehended the emotions that I shared with her.  


Karin has given me peace from the trauma growing up and now I see the lighted way to follow my dreams, to reach my goals of success and less stress. The healings have conquered the battles of a child and provided a much happier chapter in my book of life.  She held my hand and gave me the courage to follow my dreams and acknowledge the truth providing me with more freedom within my being,


Thank you, Karin, for showing the way and giving me direction to a place of knowing I will be safe and confident every step of the way.  I hope my testimonial paints a picture for others to see how much you've made a difference in my life.


Brenda H.

Blue Essence Healing Karin Kingsbury Stanley


is an Intuitive who specializes in assisting with the evolution of the soul, connecting the spiritual life and the physical life together as one.  She thrives in sharing the spiritual life, showing how it manifests into the physical life, and how, by clearing the deep-seated knots hidden deep beneath the surface, your own light becomes ever the greater and more present, resulting in the blossoming of your own true Essence.

Blue Essence Community Bulletin

Energy Healer

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